Jason Soden's tulip images have been published in magazines and sold in galleries.  Let Jason Soden teach you how to create images that will impress!

Workshop facts:

1. From mid March through mid April.  

2.  This is a course for beginners.

3.  We will travel to at least 2 locations displaying at least   40,000 tulips.

4.  Topics covered will include, but not be limited to:

  • Transforming your artistic vision into memorable photographs
  • Lens selection...telephoto vs wide angle.  The advantages and disadvantages of each lens you own
  • How to get a tack sharp image 
  • Creative depth of field effects
  • Proper exposure using the camera histogram
  • How to: My secrets to great compositions
  • Tripod or not to tripod
  • Become familiar with filters such as polarizers
  • Learning aperture, shutter speeds, and ISO.  Which is optimal for the situation you're photographing
  • Planning:  How to be at the right place at the right time

5.  Cost is $145 and covers multiple locations

6.  Click on the picture below to pay for class.


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